Where to eat in Camden, London!

London is probably THE most vegan friendly city in Europe (in a very close competition with Berlin) and it would take weeks or months to eat through the whole city, so I decided to split London up in different sections, beginning with my favorite part of the British capital: Camden!

camden-londonThe beautiful Regents Canal in Camden – take a walk around the canal…

camden.market-londonTake a seat and enjoy your street meal


Camden Market 

Camden Market is definitely one of my favorite places in London. Camden Market is a diverse community of creative sellers, street food traders and independent stores next to the Regents Canal. You’ll find tons of places to shop, drink, dance and eat vegan food! I could easily spend a whole day from morning to evening just tasting small portions of vegan food from what seems to be around the world, and just enjoy the laid back atmosphere. The prices are a bit high-end, but its all worth it as these food vendors put a lot of love and passion into their foods. Try vegan burgers and hotdogs. Falafels, Indian, Chinese and Thai. Vegan ice creams and cakes. Fresh pressed juices and the most tasty coconut water based pancakes ever. Camden Market has it all! The only thing I regret by coming here is that I only had half a day exploring the market, so I didn’t manage to try much.

camden-market-veganfoodOsu coconuts fluffy pancakes – all vegan and gluten free

How about a bao bun filled with crispy spicy oyster mushroom and pickles? 

camden-market-vegan-hotdogA big greasy veggie yum-dog and a box of chips, please!

Location: Camden Lock Place – 5 min. from Camden Town tube station // www.camdenmarket.com

Temple of Seitan

Temple of Seitan has been om my foodie list for a long time and just ask my friend of how many time I mention it on the way to London, haha! No, seriously! I have been following them for a long time on IG and they always post the most mouthwatering pictures, so that is probably one of the main reasons that I needed to go to London. You can actually find Temple of Seitan in three different location: Camden (Temple of Camden ), Hackney (Temple of Hackney) and (Temple Goods Café).



temple-of-camden-londonThe cool Temple of Camden crew is ready to take your order!

I went for the one in Camden as I was in the area. Its actually a funny location because its a bit away from the main Camden Town, but only like 10-15 by walking distance from Camden Town tube. The eatery is quite nice with a gothic fast food joint theme and pretty awesome wall decorations. The menu is quite simple: burgers, nuggets and fries, but in different variations. They are specially famous for their fried ‘chicken’ and I had a really hard time to choose from the menu, because I wanted to taste everything, but went for the hot wings in BBQ sauce in the end. My friend Casper went for the classic burger with additional fries. The result? FRIGGIN’ GOOD! So good, that I after a week while writing this guide, still can taste the sweet BBQ sauce with the crisp ‘chick’ wings! Its definitely a must go and I can’t wait to go to London again – just for this awesome all vegan eatery! 10/10!


Just thinking of this meal wants me to buy a flight ticket back to London!

Tasty ‘chick-hotwings’ covered in the most delicious BBQ sauce… drooling! 

temple-of-seitan-bbq-hotwingsThe wings are very similar to the real deal, only better and of course cruelty-free! 

Location: 103 Camley Street, Camden Town, London //            www.templeofseitan.com.uk

Crosstown Doughnuts & Coffee

I have a slightly little addiction with donuts. Like, every time I’m in a new city, I need to see if I can get vegan ones. Its not always easy, but I knew that London had tons of options and after I cam a cross an IG post from Crosstown, I knew that I needed to put this donut spot on my London foodie map! Crosstown Doughnuts has 4 different vegan donuts in their regular shops and one entire shop with only vegan options (sounds like heaven right?!!) and the best thing is that you can find this delicious donut coffee shop on several locations around London. They change the flavours every week, so you are sure to always have a reason to come back, haha!

crosstown-doughnutsl-ondonA perfect combination of lemon glaze with fresh thyme for this yummy dougnut

crosstown vegan doughnuts

I had one with lemon and thyme and the combination was surprisingly delicious!! The texture is firm, but fluffy with the most flavorful frosting! If my pictures aren’t good enough, then just have a look on their website! drooling!! I’m definitely a fan!!

Location: Camden Lock Place – 5 min. from Camden Town tube station //  www.crosstowndoughnuts.com

What the Pitta

How about some tasty vegan döner kebab? This food joint makes some serious tasty and spicy vegan kebab that you can mix in a salad, a flatbread wrap or with a big box of chips (french fries)! Top your döner wrap with vegan tzatziki, some spicy chili sauce and enjoy a taste of traditional Mediterranean food all vegan! I must be honest to say that the chip box that I tried was too much ‘carb-heavy’ for me as the portions are HUGE and therefor I would recommend you to either take a wrap or share a box. Trust me, its big enough for two unless you have a biiiig appetite! The prices are quite reasonable compared to the portions you’ll get. What the Pitta also sells small vegan ice cream cups with different flavors – perfect as dessert! Beside Camden, you can also find What the Pitta in Shoreditch, where they are located in the hip BOXPARK which is a pop-up mall with hip clothing shops, bars and street food – you’ll find plenty vegan options here as well!


Location: 89-91 Bayham St. Camden Town  // www.whatthepitta.com  


London! I’m not done with you yet – see you soon to a vegan foodie travel part 2. 

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