Mazunte – Pueblo Magico

I have been traveling around South Mexico for a month now and came across many beautiful places, but none of them have blew me away as much as Magical Mazunte. When I first set off through my travel to Mexico, I have never heard about Mazunte. Thanks to a couple of people that I have crossed by, I’ve decided to spends some days in this hidden paradise.

Mazunte is one of the Mexican pueblo mágicos, a select group of Mexican villages whose cultural, historical, or natural treasures have been deemed, well, magical.

Mazunte is a little village, located at the Pacific Ocean in the state of Oaxaca. The village is quite influenced by the locals and the hippies that live or spend a lot of time here and its easy to se why. The village is small, has a really nice relaxed atmosphere and a beautiful beach where you can relax or hike to nearby Punta Cometa, to see one of the most beautiful sunsets. If you’re looking for an authentic Mexican beach get-away, you’ll find it in Mazunte. Oaxaca’s shoreline seems to be littered with tropical beaches and inspiring coastal scenery ideal for the artist, writer, musician or hippie. The internet might not be great and you’ll be lucky if your room has a fan but aren’t those all signs that you’ve stumbled upon a real paradise? There’s certainly a touch of magic in Mazunte and I hope it stays that way for a while.


 Beside there magical atmosphere, you’ll find plenty of restaurants, caffe-shops and bars where you can hang out, small alternative shops that sells hippie-style beach wear, organic skin care products, jewelries, art and handcrafts. Overall its a really nice spot to relax in a couple of days, especially if you’re traveling from Mexico City and down to Oaxaca, San Cristobal etc. Next to Mazunte, you’ll find San Agustillo and Zipolite which is two other small villages, but they have much more nightlife and a completely other audience – but they are worth for a day tour if you want to explore some nearby areas. I could easily stay here for couple of more days, just relaxing at the beach, take a swim and enjoy the sunsets with ice-cold beers and home made veggie tamales… Overall I would say that 3-4 nights here is the perfect time to relax and explore this little peace of Mexican paradise

streetart-mazunteStreet art in the streets of Mazunte

CoconutCoconut time – you gotta stay hydrated, right? 

mazunte-oaxacaWhen cactuses meets the ocean, you’ll know you’re in Mexico 

Where to stay?

There is a lot of small private hostels that offers private rooms and dorms in Mazunte, but you won’t find them on The village is not as modern and luxurious as for instance Tulum, so here you’ll need to go and ask for vacancy. It can be a bit difficult during Mexican public holidays or peak season, but you’ll have a big chance to find a bed or room. If you want a central location, you should definitely head for El Rinconcito street.

Posada del Arquitecto (TOP CHOICE)

Posada del Arquitecto is located next to Mazunte beach, which makes this a perfect location to get a cheap accommodation with sea view. They provide nice private rooms and dorms. The hostel has a public cafe where you can chill with a book, your laptop while overlooking the sea and here you can enjoy some few vegan breakfast and lunch options such as smoothies, chia porridge and guacamole with tostadas, They also offers coffee with soy or almond milk. For 5 pesos you can refill your water bottle. a soya latte with a good book or your laptop at Terrazzo del Arquitecto

Bungalow Mazunte Tierra Viva

Located next to the mail road, this beautiful hotel provides clean and comfortable private rooms with private bathroom and a little kitchen. Perfect for couples or if you want some privacy.

Una Posada Mass 

A cosy little local owned hostel provides private rooms and dorms. Offers breakfast and is located at the main road, only 5 minutes walk from the beach.

Where to eat?

You won’t find any all-vegan eateries in Mazunte (hmm….), but they have a plenty of vegetarians options that easily can be veganized. And they have a lots of delicious street food that you can munch on that the locals sells at the beach and in the streets. You can get grilled/boiled corn cobs with lime juice and chili, tlayudas and vegetarian tamales with herbs, vegetables and beans. Ask for tamales con verduras y frijoles.

vegan-tamalesEnjoying a veggie tamales at the beach – with lots of chili 

My favorite street eat was the Oaxacan Tlauydas. Tlayuda is a big flat corn pancake spread with smashed beans and topped with chopped cabbage and filling of choose. The place where I ate my Tlayudas is located on the El Rinconcito where you can choose between a vegetable filling with potatoes, tomatoes and squash or mushrooms. Do as I did and order a mix. Remember to say without cheese (sin queso) and add lots of chili! Of course, only if you enjoy the spicy food as much as I do.

vegan-tlayudaVegan tlayuda with vegetables, mushrooms, mashed beans and a spicy tomato sauce! Bon provecho! 

My favorite spot is Hyrus. Its an vegetarian restaurant serving only eggs, everything else is vegan. Mix your own wok bowl by choosing vegetable noodles of choice (sweet potato noodles, maybe?), a curry, some proteins (mushrooms, falafels, tofu) and toppings. It taste friggin good! Try their homemade lemonade with ginger and chia. They also serve good quality coffee with almond or coconut milk. You can also have a breakfast bowl with humus, scramble tofu and their homemade pita bread! YUM

falafel-veganvegan-food-mexicohyrus-mazunteBowl with zucchini noodles, homemade falafels, yellow curry and homemade pita bread!

Enjoy a refreshing superfood smoothie or juice at Tiburón Juice Bar – Here you can either order a smoothie or a juice and add your favorite superfoods such as chia seeds, goji-berries, MACA, plant based protein powder etc. The juice bar also sells kombucha, organic skin-care products and homemade peanut-butter!


As mentioned, you’ll find plenty of Mexican restaurants in Mazunte offering a whole vegetarian menu which most contains vegetables of different kinds, rice, beans and some offers veggie burgers, guacamole and traditional vegetarian Mexican food! So don’t worry, I promise that you won’t get hungry to bed 😉

vegan-mexican-foodTypical vegetarian (vegan) dish at many of the restaurants. Nopales de Mexicana

organic-peanutbutterHomemade organic peanut butter from the little bakery ‘Le Baguette’ 

fresh-sugarcane-juiceRefreshing sugarcane juice

What to do ?

There is plenty of things to do in Mazunte. In my opinion 3-4 days is perfect to spend in this hidden paradise, and beside beach bumming at Mazunte beach following activities is recommended:

See the sunset at Punta Coneda 

It takes 20 minutes to hike to the top of Punta Coneda – its a beautiful hike from Mazunte beach and here you can see one of the most beautiful sunsets in Mexico (if not in the world!) TIP: Take a little picnic basket or your yoga mat with you.


sunset-mazuntemazunte-pueblo-magicoOne of the most magical moments in my life watching the sunset in Mazunte! 

Take a day trip to the nudist beach at Zipolite

Zipolite is a nearby village also providing a relaxed, yet a more party-ish vibe. The village is most known for its nudist beach – if you dare 😉 If you’re an active type, you can rent a bike and take the trip by bike which takes approximate one hour or you can take a local collectivo that cost about 10-15 pesos that runs through several spots on the main road. Ask a local for the collective to Zipolite.

Do a yoga class / retreat

Mazunte is dedicated for the spiritual minds that love and worship yoga, reiki, healing and meditation. You’ll find plenty of yoga, meditation and healing classes / retreats and workshop in and around Mazunte. Just look for the boards around the health shops and restaurants. Theres is plenty of offers at the board in Posada del Arquitecto which also provides yoga classes 2 times a day. Yoga classes here are among the cheapest in Mexico!

mazunte-beachcoconuts-mazuntemazunte-mexicoIts easy to see why some tend to spend more that couple of days in this beautiful paradise




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