Vegan Foodie Guide: Mexico City

I knew that Mexico City had some vegan eateries, but I didn’t knew that the capital of Mexico is booming with vegan food – EVERYWHERE! My only regret of visiting this exciting and diverse capital is that I only spend three days here. Not enough in my opinion. Three days is enough to see the main attractions and have a ‘taste’ of the Metropolis, but if you can, stay at least five days, because I can assure you, you’ll never get bored or hungry!

Where to stay? 

I stayed in a hotel in the quirky area of Condesa & Roma, which in my opinion was the best neighborhoods. It was like being in the streets of Barcelona, Paris and Berlin, just with a Mexican touch. The streets are clean, quite and safe. You’ll see plenty of Mexican cool cats hanging out in one of the hundreds fancy coffee shops, bars and restaurants, having a lunch, beer or a coffee. The areas are booming with vintage shops, art galleries and beautiful lush parks – perfect for relaxing in the shade and people watching – and the best part? Its a VEGANS HEAVEN! Another good area to stay at Del Carmen, where the Frida Kahlo museum is located – a must visit btw! Here you’ll find plenty of vegan options too and some quirky markets for arts, jewels, local hand-craft and street food. Its easy to use the public transportation and if you know some basic Spanish, you’ll do just fine. Be aware that not all taxis are safe, so either use the ones who is authorized or best, order an Uber. Uber is THE safest way to go from A to B in Mexico, as you have to register yourself as a driver with personal ID and the app will record your journey from pick off to drop off. You can either pay cash or with credit card.


Nima Local House Hotel *** –

Casa Nuevo León *** –

Metro Hostal Boutique ** –

Where to eat? 

As I said: three days is simply not enough of exploring the city and taste the food! I had to be a bit picky with my choices and I went for those who I either got recommend by others or the ones with a good score on Happy Cow (isn’t it just the best app? LIFE SAVER sometimes!!) The best places to eat is at Roma, Roma Norte and Condesa area, but you’ll find plenty of vegan eateries and options in other areas too. Beside restaurants and eateries there is heaps of Mexican vegan street food to munch on. Read my blog post about 6 Mexican vegan street food you NEED to try here.

1. Por Siempre Vegana Taqueria  

This is a simple MUST GO! when you’re in CDMX. The best vegan tacos ever and I am just overwhelmed of how good and authentic it tasted. Choose between all the well-known Mexican street-food classics included tacos, tortas and gringas filled with marinated and roasted seitan and topped with different toppings. The prices are dirt cheap and you’ll probably end up ordering one of each as they taste so good! Have an Agua Fresca with your vegan Mexican street food meal! If you’re overwhelmed as me, I’ll recommend you to try their al pastor (thin sliced marinated seitan), the chorizo rojo and seitan al chimichurri. Add some vegan queso (cheese) and top with diced onions, fresh cilantro and some hot salsas! YUM! Let the taco fiesta begin!

Location: Corner Manzanillo & Chiapas, Condesa, Mexico City 

vegan-goalsYo y mi colombiana amiga 


Por Siempre is always packed with hungry vegan foodies 

menu-veganDrooling over their menu!

por-siempre-veganThree different tacos: Al pastor, Chorizo verde and Seitan al chimchurri

tacos-veganTop your tacos with spicy salsas, lime juice, chopped onions and nopales 

2. V-Ramen

This little ramen joint was located five minutes from my hotel and was the first vegan meal I tried in Mexico City. To be honest I wasn’t impressed. I thought it was a bit tasteless, so I needed to ad some soya myself in the soup and a bit of chili. They could use a bit more miso in the ramen. The gyoza and the wakame salad was good though! If you’re in Condesa and up for a mood for some Japanese food, then its alright, otherwise go to Los Loosers in Roma Norte – it costs a bit more, but much better! However, I loved V-Ramens sitting area as this joint is located at one of my favorite streets with a nice vibe where you can relax, eat vegan food and just people watch. You’ll find plenty of bars, coffee shops and street food stands and you can easily spend an afternoon here.  The staff is super friendly and did everything to make you feel comfortable and ensure that everything is ok. Probs for that!

Location: Ave. Alvaro Obregon 230, Roma Nte, Mexico City 



v-ramen-mexico-cityPerfect place to have a lunch break in Condesa 


Vegan gyoza with tofu filling 

vegan-ramenWakame salad, ramen and fried gyozas! YEEES PLEASE!


3. La Pithaya Vegana

Another delicious taco hot spot in the fancy part of Mexico City: La Pithaya Vegana. Whats different about this place is that they color their homemade tacos with beet powder so they get this funky pink color – totally instagramable! The name refers to the pink dragon fruit, also known as Pithaya, but despite the name it has nothing to do with the well-known asian pink fruit! This spot is also perfect for breakfast as you can get tofu scramble, chia porridge and smoothie bowls! The prices are reasonable and the flavours delicious!

Location: Calle Queretaro 90, Roma Nte  // 

la pithayaTacos with cauliflower, oyster mushroom and pibil roselle flower! 

4. Los Loosers

Los Loosers is an all vegan Mexican Japanese fusion with creative and tasteful dishes and another MUST go on my Mexican veggie list! The flavors just explodes from the first to the last mouthful and you can taste the fresh ingredients in the food. This little eatery is located in Roma Norte, but offers delivery if your just a bit too lazy for street strolling! They don’t have a website yet, so if you want to order a meal do it through their Facebook or Instagram (Facebook is safest)! The prices are in the higher end, but the atmosphere, the friendly staff AND the amazing food makes it all worth… Just drooling over the thought of their incredible ramen!

Location: Sinaloa 236, Roma Nte, Mexico City

los loosersFried japanese gyozas 

los-loosers-ramenVegan ramen on point

5. Gatorta –  Tortaria vegana

This cute little street food truck serves basic lunch eats such as Mexican sandwiches, tacos with soy meats, cakes and fresh juices – all vegan! This is a perfect place to try the famous vegan sandwich torta as they are usually hard to find vegan. Hungry for more? Have a tasty and colorful donut for dessert.

Location: Puebla Cuauhtémoc, Roma Nte, Mexico City

Gatorta-vegana-cdmxGatorta is a perfect spot to get a cruelty free dessert

Even though the capital of tacos and tequilas is one of the most vegan friendly cities I have visited, it’s still a good idea to learn some basic Spanish and some useful phrases to avoid getting your food covered in butter or sour cream:


Yo soy vegana (female) / vegano (male) – I am vegan

Tienes comida vegetariana? – Do you have vegetarian food?

Tienes leche de soya, almendra o coco? – Do you have soy, along or coconut milk? These plant based milk options are very common throughout Mexico and they wont be hard to find in corner stores – OXXO which is the Mexican answer to 7/11 have almond milk!

Sin carne – without meat

Sin leche – without milk

Sin queso – without cheese

Es sin producto animales? – Is it without animal products ?

No come producto animal! – I don’t eat animal products.

And of course you need to say Por favor and Gracias – Please and Thank you

street-food-cdmxIMG_3302IMG_3173Beside my top 5 eateries there is heaps of vegan street foods you can much on!

29514374_10213492184272250_1975903071_oDry mangoes with chili – They are chewy and firm, and taste almost like wine gums! 

29634264_10213492188752362_779636120_oTamarind balls with sugar – too sweet for me, but definitely a fun thing to try!

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