Distrito Vegano

Distrito Vegano is a truly hidden gem in the colorful streets of Mérida and what started with a recipe development for a carrot dog ended in a 100% plant based food truck serving some of the most delicious vegan food I have tried yet. Nik and Mike, a Mexi-American couple owns Distrito Vegano and while Mike is the chef behind all of the yumminess, Nik helps him with the recipe development and together they create this amazing team of developing delicious vegan food with a mix between American and Mexican dishes. Beside tacos and tortas, you can get vurgers (burgers), carrot dogs, sandwiches and Mikes speciality: dish of the week! Mine was Mac’n’Cheese and it was seriously creamy and cheeeeezy! I really enjoyed everything here: the staff, the food and the atmosphere. The food truck is only open after 18:00 / 6 pm, but they will open for lunch hours in the near future. So if you find yourself in Mérida, go here and have a taste of traditional Yucatanian food! I loved it!

There is only one way to get there – either taxi or if you rent a car. Its located in the northern part of Merida and probably takes twenty minutes by car/taxi. But its all worth it! You can also go for an Uber which is completely safe and a lot cheaper than the taxi fares.

Location: Calle 41, 287, Mérida, Yucatan! 

distrito-veganoA food truck inside a garage creates a creative combination and a nice atmosphere


Vegan tacos with Niks secret seitan recipe! YUM! 


vegan-mike.jpgMike preparing my tacos!

29261474_10213420015788083_7712220701796597760_oVegan torta with fried portobellos and pickled onions

vegan-mac-n-cheeseDish of the week: creamy Mac’n’Cheese – Yes please!

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