Vegan foodie Guide: Tulum, Mexico

Wherever you’re a beach bum, yogi, culture and history interested or just want a getaway, Tulum is for everyone! The tranquillo vibe that you will experience here is soo appealing that a week of staying here seems at some points too short. Tulum is divided by two areas, the pueblo which also is known as tulum downtown and the beach area. The distance between these two areas is between 4 and 8 kilometers, depends of how far you want to go and if you consider staying in Tulum, the pricy hotels are often those who are located by the ocean. If you’re staying in pueblo Tulum, the best way to see the area is by renting a bike and ride around the areas. Tulum is also a perfect base if you want to do a day tour to, cenotes (sink holes), Mayan ruins, Laguna Bacalar, which I can highly recommend and Playa del Carmen. Once you have stayed in Tulum, Playa del Carmen seems very touristy and noisy, but I would definitely recommend you to take a day off there and visit The Pitted Date. In my opinion the ONLY reason to go to Playa for! You can read my review of the eatery here. The vegan food scene in Tulum is amazing! There is so many options for eating vegan food everywhere and the prices are reasonable most of the times. The beach area is more expensive than downtown, but sitting and sipping a matcha latte or having a creamy delicious smoothie bowl by the ocean is all worth it.


Natural Juice

In centro di Pueblo Tulum you’ll finde a cute little juice bar with few vegan options, but TONS of different smoothies and juices! This is a perfect spot to do a break in the hot daytime or having a quick lunch. Try one of their juices and add a superfood booster such as maca, spirulina or grounded flax seed to give your juice an extra nutri boost. Try their raw coconut ceviche with lime and hot chili sauce, which was amazing! Im definitely going to try to make it at home as well! The owner Mono is really kind and will give you tips for what to see and what to do in Tulum and nearby areas. Feeling for a little yoga? The Maya Hostel above the juice bar have few yoga classes during the week and you’ll get 10% off your juice after a yoga class.

Location: Chetumal S/N Tulum Quintana Roo

Fresh ingredients turns into delicious smoothies and juices


smoothie-coffee-tulumTry their pina colada smoothies with added maca – soo good! 

post-mik-generationcooling off 

Raw coconut ceviche with nachos, lime juice and hot chili sauce – perfect 


Co.Con Amor

This 100% vegetarian / vegan eatery is located in downtown Tulum (on your way from downtown to the beach) created with the concept connected with the nature and makes you forget about the world outside. Get your daily dose of superfood smoothies, nourishing vegan food and healthy desserts here. The cosy outdoor backyard invites you to chill in the quirky hippie surroundings and this is a perfect place to bring your laptop (Yes, I’m actually sitting here right now) as they have tables with outlets and speedy wifi. The prices are reasonable compared to the eateries at the beach and the food is flavorful and big enough portions. The eatery has a little shop as well selling organic superfoods in bulk, teas, remedies, jewels and natural skin care products. Perfect place to buy your biodegradable mosquito repellent or stock up on spirulina. Try their fresh spring rolls or wok bowl with peanut sauce. Heavenly!!

Location: Av. Coba Sur, Centro, 7778o Tulum, Q.R 

menu-co.conamorLook how inspiring their menu looks like – YES! I ❤ Slow Food 

raw-food-tulum.jpgRaw spring rolls with delicious peanut dip

Refill your own bottle of water or stuck up on your favorite superfoods

veganfood-tulumOutside sitting area where you can chill while sipping on kombucha or enjoy a coffee

vegan-food-tulumA favorite spot to hang out



I was quite surprised to see how many vegan options this cool hang out bar had. The prices are reasonable and you’ll get a starter which contains some nachos with sweet homemade salsa and apple pieces with lime and chili, but be aware that they charge you 15% of the bill for service – which is good, just be aware. Also a good spot to hear some music and having refreshing sunset cocktails after a day at the beach. Try a non-alcoholic refreshing drink Agua Fresca de Jamaica made with hibiscus, ginger and lime.

Location: Carrer Tulum Boca Paila km 8 Frente a los Lirios, Tulum beach

Safari-tulumvegan-food-mexicosafari-tulum-mexicovegan-food-guideMagical and dreamy decor 

vegan-in-mexicoYuca truffel fries and nachos with homemade sweet salsa 

Vegan-in-TulumPre-hispanic specialty Tlacoyo with nopal and zucchini 

Buena Estrella – Ice Cream Truck

On you way home from the beach (as if you stay in Pueblo) you’ll pas a food truck selling vegan ice cream with over 15 different kinds of flavors! The stretch between Pueblo Tulum and to the beach is approximately 5 km long and making this a perfect stop for a afternoon dessert! If you’re feeling kinda hungry, try the falafels or coconut ceviche! The location is always the same, but check up on location at Buena Estrella’s Facebook or Instagram as he usually announce if he change the location. At the moment (while I’m writing this post) the location is at Av. Coba next to Tulum International School.

vegan-icecreamVegan ice cream anyone? 

Lots of flavors to pick from

vegan-foodtruck-mexicoFirst you make a smoothie, then you freeze it 

vegan-mexico-tulumcoconut and pineapple turns out to be a lovely combo!

Roraima burgers

Probably one of the best vegan burgers I have ever tried!! This little burger joint is located in Pueblo Tulum and has two vegan options. I tried their chorizo burger with avo and basil/cliantro dressing – sooo good! Choose between regular potato fries or fried yuccas to go with your burger and a refreshing ice cold tamarindo! The prices are reasonable and service very quick! Definitely a must go if you want a little break from all em’ tacos!

Location: Calle Júpiter Norte 1243, Entre av. Tulum Chetumal 

vegan-burgerDelisciuos chorizo burger with yucca fries …. Yeeees please! Drooling!

vegan-burger-tulum100% plant based, 100% tasty and 100% juicy! 


Mama Matcha

This is for all of ya’ matcha lovers! This cute little matcha hut is located in the beach area of Tulum and has a nice range of vegan options which contains, obviously, matcha! Its a nice spot to have some breakfast (smoothie bowls) or something refreshing during a day at the beach. I would recommend you to taste their vegan ice cream (the matcha flavor is amazing) with favorite topping of choice. The location is right after Hotel Zebra and before Nomade Tulum.

vegan-in-mexicoHave a swing while you sip on your ice cold matcha latte 

vegan-guide-tulummama-matchamatcha-latteI love that they use biodegradable straws!

La Hoja Verde

This 100% vegan / vegetarian restaurant is located in Tulum downtown and has a nice selection of vegan food. Most of the menu consists of typical Mexican dishes as tacos, tortillas, empanadas and few western. I went with homemade spicy guacamole and some  empanadas with vegetable filling. The nachos was a bit boring, the guac was nice tho and empanadas with the salsa negra was the bomb! Im not good at too fried food, but these were super crispy and the combination with the salsa was just it! The prices are quite reasonable and the restaurant has a nice relaxed atmosphere.

Location: Beta Sur S/N, Tulum Centro 

tacos-y-empanadas-veganGuacamole y empanadas 

guacamole-la-hoja-verdeDelicious guacamole – and Guacamole is ALWAYS a good idea!

Raw Love Café

This 100% vegan food hut is located at Tulum beach and offers you a serious tasty selection of raw vegan dishes. The menu offers everything from yummy smoothie bowls for breakfast to burgers, nori rolls and pad thai for lunch or early dinner. The prices are in the high end, but once you’re there and feel the relaxed holistic tulumian vibe, it will be all worth it! The outside sitting area is quite cute with colorful hammocks, wooden tables and surrounded by lush green palms and plants. This place is perfect for a post yoga treat, breakfast or lunch during a day at the beach. I went here twice and had a smoothie bowl with multiple toppings and second time I needed to try their Pad Thai. The food didn’t disappointed me at all and I would recommend you at least to go here once!

Location: Next to Ahau Tulum, Tulum Beach

smoothie bowl and raw pad thai 

29066854_10213372032348527_9211288412655452160_oJungle feeling at Raw Love Café



raw-pad-thai-tulum (1)Raw Pad Thai 

I hope that you enjoyed reading my vegan guide to Tulum and if you have any questions or comments, please write a comment below.

// Love Kat

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