The Pitted Date

I wanted to avoid Playa del Carmen on my Mexico trip as I’ve heard that it is too touristy and the beaches are not as beautiful as in Tulum, but as soon as I heard about The Pitted Date, I jumped into a collectivo (local form of bus transportation) and headed to Playa from Tulum.

When you have been into the whole tranquillo vibe in Tulum, Playa seemed loud and crowded! A lot of vendors selling cheap souvenirs, expensive western-liked restaurants and well known American well-known high-end/low-end stores was what summed up Playa del Carmen – no offense of those who love it here! But, however I would recommend you to go here for one day – and it only takes 1 hour from Tulum and you’ll get the chance to eat at The Pitted Date which was so delicious!

The Pitted Date has become one of Playa del Carmens popular vegan eateries and their famous vegan eggs are just one of the reasons! Their menu is booming with different egg-dishes: scrambled, omelets, rancho huevos and bagels with eggs and chorizo. The best part is its ALL VEGAN! I had myself a bagelwich with sesame covered bagel, chipotle, egg, chorizo and some yummy melted cheese. It was SO good! The bagelwich comes with small rosemary baked potatoes and 3 different kinds of chili dressings. One of them was a mix between habanero chili and mango. I need to make some at home ASAP! Their omelets looked also so delicious and I’m definitely going back to round two in the end of my Mexico trip.

Location: Local 6, CTM between 1st & Agenda Cozumel / Down Town Playa del Carmen  //

Yummy homemade chili dressings to go with your food 

vegan-foodPure love of veganism 

pitted-date-mexicoVegan omelette anyone? 

Soo good! I loved the combo and the melted cheese was the bomb! 

Really nice atmosphere and super friendly staff! 

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