Nørrebro – a local (foodie) guide

If there is one area that I love in Copenhagen, it must be Nørrebro. Its vibrant, its local, its urban and its full of delicious vegan food! If you have plans to visit Copenhagen, I would highly recommend you to rent an Airbnb in this area, so you can have all of the delicious food options near by and still a manageable distance to the city centre for sightseeing activities! I would recommend you to take a whole day off (if possible of course) to explore this area and just hang out as a local and enjoy the city vibe. Are you here in the start of June, make sure not to miss out on Copenhagens biggest street party Distortion. The street party is free, but buy a ticket to support the local business and the clean up. Plenty of options to enjoy street food from different food trucks.

This is my top pick for vegan and vegan friendly eateries in Nørrebro:

Falafel Factory

Im not kidding you! THE best falafels is at Falafel Factory. Have the taste of Middeleast and choose between three different falafels (regular, spinach & beetroot), 4 different salads & loads of spreads and toppings. The only thing that are not vegan is their tahin-youghurt dressing, otherwise everything is all legit! You can choose to stuff your falafels in a pita bread (that comes in two different varieties) or mix it on a plate with salads. Enjoy your falafels at the eatery or in the beautiful Assistens cemetery where you’ll find a beautiful lawn to chill on and the graves of the famous Danish storyteller H.C Andersen and the philosopher Soeren Kierkegaard.

Location: Nørrebrogade 63, 2200 Nørrebro  // www.falafelfactory.dk 

FalafelfactoryFalafel plate with two different salads & humus + pea spreads 


Choose white or wholewheat pita bread for your falafels 

Gao Dumpling Bar 

If you’re a fan of dumplings and the whole street food Asia vibe, this is the place to be! Hot steamed dumplings, fried tofu, noodle soup and bok choy are just some of the delicious vegan options that you can get at Gao. The eatery itself is tiny, but with enough seatings and located on one of my favorite streets of Nørrebro, and once you get served hot and steamy dumplings, it feels like you’re in some local street food stall in the middle of Hong Kong. Have a Singha beer with your dumplings and enjoy the authentic Asian vibe at Gao.

Location: Blågårdsgade 3 // www.gaodumpling.com


vegan-dumplingsdumplings and fried tofu 


A little Hong Kong feeling in the middle of Copenhagen

Blue Taco – Mexican Streetfood

In the mood for a little Mexican fiesta and taco feast? If its a YES, then this is the place to be! Indulge yourself in authentic Mexican street food that includes tacos, guacamole, Mexi bowls and grilled corn (ask without cheese for vegan version)! They have three completely vegan taco options and two vegetarian that can be veganized. Enjoy your tacos with a real Mexican refreshment Agua de Fresca which is made out of hibiscus, ginger, lime and sugar. Feeling for a little Mexican fiesta at home? No problems! They do take-out and you can order plain home-made blue tacos and nachos to take with you and mix with our own filling! Read my whole review of Blue Taco here

Location: Blågårdsgade 1 // www.bluetaco.dk

blue-tacos-copenhagenDelicious blue corn tacos 

blue-taco-cphA cosy outdoor sitting area

blue-tacosChoose between three different flavours 


Kaf’ is a mix between a coffee bar and an all-vegan patisserie. The coffee bar is vegetarian as they serve cows milk, cheese and eggs, but they have many vegan options and all of their cakes are raw and all vegan. Every Wednesday they serve three different vegan donuts and this is the only non-vegan coffeeshop in Copenhagen (As I am known of) where you don’t have to pay extra for plant based milk. Try their Oreo cheesecake or their delicious vegan brunch plate. They also do and deliver cakes for special occasions.

Location: Birkegade 21, 2200 København N

vegan-donutsVegan donuts 

kaf-nørrebrocoffee and cakes

vegan-cakesyes baby, its all vegan! 

Nice-cream Copenhagen

With Nice-cream Copenhagen everyday is ice-cream day. Its one of my favourite picks for vegan yumminess in Copenhagen and its easy to see why. Choose between delicious ice cream sandwiches with a creamy ice between a gooey cookies, flavorful popsicles and creamy nice creams with different toppings. During the winter they also sell hot soups and traditional Danish pancake puffs (only during Christmas time) with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and blueberry jam – all vegan! They are located in popular Elmegade at Nørrebro, but also have a location in Vesterbro.

Location: Elmegade 30, 2200 København N

NICECREAM-COPENHAGENIce cream sandwich with salted caramel

Vegan-icecream-cphNice cream with delicious toppings

vegan-icecreamPick your favorite flavor 

California Kitchen

Located next to the beautiful Copenhagen Lakes and the favorite local hang out spot Dronning Louises bro, this fast casual healtyfood eatery is a perfect place to have a lunch while exploring Nørrebro. All of their bowl are either vegan or can be veganized and you can enjoy Danish kombucha or fresh coconuts with your bowls. The owner is Californian born and wanted to provide Copenhagen with a concept that is well-known all over California and thank you for that!! My favorites are the Mexi and Bento bowls! Eat here or enjoy your bowl on a sunny day by the Lakes! They recently opened a new location in Vesterbro as well.

Location: Nørrebrogade 12, 2200 Nørrebro // www.californiakitchen.dk 

california-kitchen-copenhagenveganfood-copenhagenmexi-bowlMexi-Bowl with spicy tofu, guacamole, cilantro and nachos 

Plant Power Food

This 100% plant based eatery is one of my favorites when it comes to creative fashion vegan kitchens. Not only do they serve creative and delicious fusion dishes, but they also try to run a 100% zero waste restaurant. That is amazing! This place is run by an athlete and a former chef of vegan eatery Souls and provides you with delicious brunch and lunch options where the menu is 100% vegan and 100% environment friendly. Don’t miss out on their fresh spring rolls and their sandwiches! Raw vegans would love this place!

Location: Fælledvej 15, 2200 Nørrebro // www.plantpowerfood.dk 

plantpowerfoodActivated charcoal sandwich with wild mushrooms, pickled onions, avo and mashed potatoes! 







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