BLUE TACO – Mexican Street Food

One of my favorite streets in Copenhagen is the bustling Blågårdsgade. It is located in the vibrant area of Nørrebro and this street has everything you need, including some of the most genuine and delicious vegan tacos you’ll find in Copenhagen. This famous eatery opened in early 2016 by a former gourmet chef for some of the finest dinning spots in Copenhagen, including NOMA, so the quality and the taste experience will definitely not disappoint you.

The concept of this eatery is a twist on the Mexican taco, inspired by the rich taco culture of both North and Central America. They use organic blue corn to make their tacos which contains 20% more protein than regular white tacos and lower glycemic index. And they are naturally gluten free.

The best part is that they have TONS of vegan options including 3 different all vegan tacos, vegetarian tacos that can be veganized by not adding sour-cream and cheese, mexi bowls, blue corn nachos with guacamole and some different side dishes to add to your Mexi taco feast! So make sure to find your inner latin spirit when visiting this quirky street food eatery.

tacosblue-tacosblue-tacos-copenhagenDelicious vegan blue corn tacos

The vegan options are beyond amazing. The genuine experience of eating good and healthy vegan Mexican with a bomb of different flavors! Go with one of each. You can choose between Cactus, Avocado and Flor de Calabaza. The Cactus version (my favorite!!) is with white corn, cilantro, pickled and pan fried bell peppers, cactus nopal and the most delicious homemade Mexican salsa. Seriously, I almost licked the bowl afterwards because it was so frickin’ good!! Flor de Calabaza is for all ya pumpkin lovers: pickled pumpkin flowers, roasted pumpkin seeds, salsa verde, pumpkin and frijoles negro. The Avocado is the most simple one with lime, avocado, pico de gallo, cilantro and salsa achiote. Have a jarritos (Mexican soda) or a Mate (Latin American Ice Tea) with your tacos!

mexican-vegan-foodMy happy taco face 

veganfood-copenhagenBluetaco-copenhagenThe interior is quirky and will quickly lead you to a latin street feeling 


Location: Blågårdsgade 1, 2200 Nørrebro, København //


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