COCOBOX – rustic café, juice bar & farm shop

I love Vietnam! It is such a beautiful country packed with history, stunning landscapes, cultural highlights and AMAZING food! It is pretty easy to travel in Vietnam as vegan and the local people are very understanding and polite if you ask them if something certain is vegan or can be veganized. What I love the most is actually the amount of fresh herbs they always use in their cooking, and you’ll see baskets with different fresh herbs at restaurants and street food stalls that you can munch on while sipping your vegetable pho or eating fresh rolls. I always recommend people to eat as local as possible, because you can’t beat that fresh flavorful experience anywhere else. If you consider going to Vietnam, then you must have a stop by in Hoi An. Its a coastal city located in the mid Vietnam and is also known as the tailor or lantern city. It is easy to take a domestic flight from either Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh or simply take the train, if you have time enough. There is not much to see cultural wise in Hoi An, but it is still a magical city with a laid back atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else in Vietnam. Take 2-3 days here, explore the ancient city and take a swim in the ocean if you need a break! When it comes to food, its another matter. Hoi An is booming with delicious foods, local and western and there is a huge amount of restaurants, street food stalls and eateries to choose from. One of my favorite food spots was COCOBOX. It’s a little rustic eatery that serves healthy and fresh food with tons of vegan options, fresh juices, delicious smoothies, coffee and they also have a little farm shop to support local manufactures and businesses. It is located in the ancient town and have seating areas outside and inside. Their menu is to die for and I went there every day because it was so good!

cocobox-veganfoodcocobox-hoiancocobox-smoothieveganfood-vietnamcocobox-vietnamHave a smoothie and support local business 

cocobox-vegan-icecreamVegan ice-cream made out of fresh fruits and coconut milk 

vietnamese-coffeeA must try in Vietnam for coffee-lovers: Vietnam-style coffee

juice-cocoboxFresh cold pressed juices available – this one with carrot, ginger and orange 


Summa samarium this places is much worth visiting for a daybreak of sightseeing Hoi An and recharge with vitamins and clean foods! Bonus is that you can add superfoods such as chia, spirulina, maca etc. to your juice or smoothie and feel extra vibrant after a visit at COCOBOX!

Location: Lê Lợi 94, Minh An, Tp. Hoi An, Vietnam //

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