Vegan Foodie Guide: Budapest, Hungary

One thing is for sure: you will never go hungry to bed in Budapest.  This Central European city is seriously a vegan foodies heaven! I did a little research from home, but it totally blew me away when I got there and saw all of the ‘vegan’ signs at restaurants and menu-cards. From there it was really hard to choose where to start. But first I’ll give you a little insight on Budapest as a city and where to stay, because funny thing is that Budapest is actually divided in two: the Buda and the Pest area separated by the river and 6 bridges. While Pest is the vibrant place for shopping, dinning and clubbing, Buda is more local and relaxed.

veganfood-budapestLiberty Bridge on the Pest side of Budapest

BudapestView overlooking Pest from the Buda Castle 

Where to stay?

The Pest area where I would recommend you to stay is divided in different neighborhoods, and I stayed in Belváros-area near Kelvin Square which is basically the city centre and it was perfect as everything was within walking distance. But I would also recommend you to stay near Klauzál Square or Újlipótváros, where most of the vegan gems are hidden! I enjoy walking and sightseeing and I rarely use public transportation when I move from A to B unless the destinations are far apart, but if you prefer public transportation, Budapest has an excellent metro and tram system.

Flow Hostel – One of the best hostels I have stayed at in Europe! The room and public facilities are great and the staff very helpful and friendly. Its located near the Kálvin Square, Liberty Bridge and Budapest Market Hall. For me this was a perfect base to go exploring Budapest and all the vegan goodness it has to offer!

Casati Budapest Hotel is another really good option if you prefer to stay at a hotel. Its located in vibrant area of the city near Astoria Station and has comfortable rooms.

Where to eat?

Slow Foodiez

Slow Foodiez is a nice and laid back vegan-friendly eatery that has a wide selection of vegan food, and actually most raw vegan. They dont serve meat as the non-vegan options are vegetarian, but luckily very few. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner including homemade raw cakes and desserts. How does raw vegan cheese plate, vegan omelette, raw vegan wraps and cashew orange ginger cake sound?

Location: Szondi u. 11, 1067, Budapest //

26854440_10212902302925585_2088368104_o26830017_10212902303925610_1416100660_o26853029_10212902303645603_1620151421_oPerfect spot to eat your yummy vegan breakfast or lunch

Tökmags Vegan Street Food

Tökmag means pumpkin seed in Hungarian and this cute little all-vegan street food vendor serves delicious burgers, sandwiches, juices and pumpkin soup! I had a really hard time to decide what to go for as everything looked so tasty, but ended with a beetroot menu as you can’t go wrong with beetroots! You can also choose vegetable or potato crisps to go with your burger. There are only 4 seatings inside the vendor, but during summer they have outside seating area as well. Tökmags is located next to Margit Island and Bridge in the Pest area of Budapest and would highly recommend you to take your meal to go and enjoy it at Margit Island as it gives you a nice little green park spot overlooking Buda & Pest areas.

Location: Hollán Ernö u. 5, 1136 Budapest // 


26830077_10212902299885509_770465178_oChoose between vegan burgers, sandwiches or soup of the day


VegaCity was one of my favorites as they had so many options to choose from and it was all vegan!! Dishes to choose from includes thai food, vegan sushi, burgers, traditional Hungarian, sandwiches, cakes and bliss balls, soups… I can go on! They post a weekly menu due to available seasonal products, so they can offer delicious fresh and cheap hearty vegan food! Its located at Kálvin Square in Pest, just 10 minuts from city centre of Budapest.

Location: Muzeum Körút 23-25, 1136 Budapest //

26905818_10212902302045563_404397334_o26829699_10212902301925560_2125344042_o26853908_10212902301685554_1999654352_o26829527_10212902301565551_1728940040_oHow does vegan sushi sound? 

Fill Good Bakery

Fill good is a tiny bakery located next to Tökmags Vegan Street Food. Fill Good offers sweet and savory Hungarian pastries all vegan! I went with an apricot cinnamon roll, a gluten-free apple cinnamon muffin and a moon shaped cake with apple walnut filling. Holy Molly it was good! It is a family owned bakery where you can enjoy some delicious pastries with coffee, teas or cold drinks. Have a seat inside or have you pastry to go to enjoy it by the river just 5 minuts from here by foot.

Location: Hollán Ernö u. 3, 1136 Budapest 

26854260_10212902310045763_1165660666_ofill-good-vegan-bakeryApricot cinnamon roll was to die for 

Kozmosz Vegan Etterem

Kozmosz is a small all-vegan family restaurant created by a mother and her daughter (both vegans) in the spring 2014. As they write in their menu card ‘Our intention is to show the world, vegans can have all the yummy food with an extra serving of clear conscience’ – and damn are they right! This 100% plant based restaurants is located near the Central Station, Budapest-Nyugati and has heaps of delicious dishes to choose from. I went for tasty BBQ seitan stripes with baby corn, salad, potatoes and Hungarian pickles. Make sure to make a reservation during weekends as this is a popular hot spot to dine out.

Location: Hunyadi tér 11, 1067, Budapest //

27017924_10212926004438108_1724173337_oHungarian food and beer goes hand-in-hand and its all vegan 

Oh My Green

This vegan-friendly eatery is located in the centre of Budapest, close to the walking street. It is a modern self-catering take-away and superfood bar where you can grab your breakfast or lunch to-go. You can of course also choose to enjoy it inside, where the interior is dominated with lush green plants and the pleasant music makes the whole experience very laid back and instagram picture worthy. Beside take-away they also have a menu of the day – mostly vegan. I got myself an Acaí smoothie with tapioca porridge in the bottom and topped with fresh fruits and granola and a tapioca porridge with mango and shredded coconuts – it tasted very well, but it is a pity that you can’t choose a more sustainable service than plastic, even if you choose to have your mean inside. Its a nice place to have something on the go, but otherwise I would recommend you to enjoy your breakfast or lunch some of the other places!

Location: Petöfi Sándor u. 10, 1052 Budapest //


Vegan Love Vegan Street Food

Vegan Love is definitely a must when in Budapest! This all vegan burger joint is located on the Buda side of Budapest, just few minuts from the Liberty Bridge. Beside various of burgers (all looked damn good!!) they also serve hot dogs, gyros and salads! I got myself a huge chili-dog with some of the best sour-cream I have ever tasted and fresh cilantro as topping! You can also buy sweet bagels with sugar icing, but honestly they were too sweet for my taste! You can enjoy your meal inside or as take-away and enjoy it in the beautiful Gellérthegy Jubileumi Park two minuts from there. Perfect for a sunny picnic!

Location: Bartók Béla u. 9, 1136 Budapest // 

IMG_284026828216_10212902301125540_1995123238_oIMG_2844Huge vegan chili-dog with cheese, sour-cream and fresh cilantro

IMG_2848 (1)Yum, hey?

Hummus Bar

Hummus bar is a cheap and vegan-friendly eatery serving Middel Eastern foods such as hummus (I have seriously never seen so many variations of hummus), falafels, roasted eggplants, salads and shakshuka (make sure to order it without eggs!!) – they have several branches around Budapest, mostly on the Pest side and one in Buda. I went here twice as it seems like they are on every street corner and in my opinion, hummus is yummus 😉 ! I went for a falafel and hummus bowl with cilantro dipping and second time I tried the green shakshuka with pita bread, Hungarian paprika paste and pickles. The shakshuka was a bit too oily for me, but tasted very well. The hummus and falafels was the bomb!

Location: Find your nearest hummus bar at

hummusbar-budapestTasty falafels and Israeli-style hummus 

IMG_2772Green Shakshuka with roasted eggplants and fresh baked pita bread

Veganfood-BudapestSweet bagel from Vegan Love Street Food

Beside my listings above, Budapest has tons of vegan food to offer and if you have just more time than only one weekend, then you’re lucky 😉 I’ve got some other few spots that I have been recommended by friends and my sweet Instagram followers, but unfortunately I didn’t have time to try them all, but I would love to share the list with you:

Las Vegans – Street Food Karavan: This street food vegan burger truck is located in Kazinczy u. 18 among other street food trucks in one of the vibrant areas of Budapest. You’ll find delicious burgers and fries here. Their burgers should be the bomb!

96 Zen Etterem: Etterem means restaurant in Hungarian, and don’t be fooled by the appearance of this all vegan Asian-style eatery, because it is apparently a hidden gem! Choose between noodles, dumplings, soups and curries! YUM! This one was actually on my MUST-TRY list when I did the research, but unfortunately they were closed due to holidays – Its located at Kálvin tér number 5, just at Kálvin Square.

Deli’s Vegán Bistró: This all vegan bistro has a quite nice selection of different dishes and is one of the cheap and simple ones. It should be really good and I got recommended to try one of their Hungarian-style pasta dishes if I got the chance to go there. It is located at Szabolcska Mihály u. 3-5 in Buda-part of Budapest not so far away from the Petöfi Bridge by foot.

IMG_2818A breath taking view overlooking Pest from Buda Castle 

IMG_2804IMG_2813Buda Castle – A must see when in Budapest

IMG_2821 Unknown monument on my way up to Liberty Statue

Liberty-statue-budapestLiberty Statue 


I hope you enjoyed reading my Vegan guide to Budapest and if you have any questions or comments, please leave a comment below.

Love from Katia




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