Vegan Foodie Guide: Milan, Italy

Milan is basically my second home as my mum has been living there for ten years now, so I often take the weekends off to visit her during birthdays, Christmas or just as a short get-away holiday. In my opinion Milan is totally underrated, of course its not as old and historical as Rome, Venice or Florence, but Milan has a charm of its own and if you’re as vegan foodie as I am, you’ll be surprised to see how many yummy vegan and vegan-friendly eats this modern and vibrant city has to offer. If you’re looking for accommodations and areas to stay, then I’d definitely recommend you to stay near Milano Centrale (central station) as many of my top picks is within walking distance from here, and if you want to go to the centre of Milan or in the hip Navigli district (which is another great place to stay), you can just take the subway – its easy and cheap! Usually I stay at my moms, but if you need some recommendations to some nice hotels then try these:

Star Hotel E.C.HO – Eco friendly hotel with a lovely vegan-friendly breakfast

Ostello Bello – Cool & hip hostel / hotel (one in Navigli area and one at Centrale (Ostello Bello Grande)!

or Airbnb is also a good option that I often use myself when traveling 🙂

Milan is definitely an easy city to travel to as vegan and I keep discovering new vegan eateries every time im there, but if you only have limited time, I’ll give you my top picks below:

Flower Burger

This little burger joint is one of my favourite places to eat as the vibe and the food is just beyond amazing, Its located near Milano Centrale and you can choose to eat inside (if you’re lucky to get a spot) or take it with you and enjoy it in the park just across the street. The menu consist of 6 different burgers and each bun has its own color. My favorite is …. – you can choose homemade french fries and some sodas to go along with your meal. You can find Flower Burger branches in Rome and Turin as well.

Location: Viale Vittorio Veneto 10, Milano //



Another favourite veggie food spot of mine. Soul Green is 100% plant based with many gluten-free options as well. Its located in the more modern area of Milan, Porta Nuova, just 5 min. walk from Milano Centrale (centrals station). The menu consist mostly of different bowls and you can add some of their fresh juices, smoothies or raw desserts to your meal. The offer is completed by its wine bar, offering a selection of the finest italian wines produced by biodynamic and vegan wineries (of course, were in Italy right?) – Eat your dinner here and make sure to do a table reservation in the busy summer weekends.

Location: Piazzale Principessa Clotilde, Milano //

soulgreen-veganfoodsoulgreen-italiasoulgreen-milanEverything is mostly raw and 100% plant based 

Universo Vegano

Universo Vegano is a vegan fastfood chain with several branches all over Italy. Two of them are located in Milan – one close to the central station, Milano Centrale and the other one at the hip Navigli district. Universo Vegano is cheap, tasty and easy if you want to have something yummy to-go. You’ll find different kinds of sandwiches, wraps, pizzas, raw cakes and salads on the menu. Try a spicy wrap or ‘nuggets’ with dip.

Location: Via Solferino, 41, 20121 ( Milano Centrale) // Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 49 ( Navigli District)

universo-veganoWrap with falafel and veggie nuggets 

Mantra Raw

This lovely veggie joint is 100% raw and makes a perfect spot to enjoy a lunch, a quick smoothie or one of their yummy raw desserts! Try one of their own juices. Located within walking distance from Milano Centrale. They have a nice selection of vegan fusion italian food and with a bigger selection of raw cakes, their own cold-pressed juices and nuts and seeds on bulk.

Location: Via Panfilo Cascaldi 21, 20124 Milano //



La Colubrina

This little eatery makes traditional Italian food ALL VEGAN – Yes, we’re talking about pizza, pasta, lasagna, carbonara! Its not all-vegan, but they have a whole menu card section with all of the classics veganized! The chef is vegan and her daughter who works as a waiter too. The vegan menu is growing larger and larger for everytime I come here, so I can’t wait till the next time to see what they have added to their menu card. Try one of their pizzas with homemade vegan cashew cheese!

Location: Via Felice Casati 5, Milano


Two of my must-do when in Milan or in Italy in fact is to have an Italian gelato and visit the local farmers market to buy fresh veggies, olives and fruits. I love to walk around the local and get inspired by the beautiful fresh and local products that you can buy there for nothing.


right: Italian Gelato // Left: Fresh herbs at farmers market

galleria-emanuelleGalleria Vittorio Emanuele II

navigli-milanNavigli Area

milano-veganguidemilan-veganfood-guideStreets of Milan

Fortunately Italy is one of the easiest countries to travel as vegan and you can always finde vegan-friendly eateries or products in most of the bigger cities, but I have made a little italian dictionary if you end up in the smaller rural areas.

Sono vegano – I am vegan

É vegano? – Is it vegan?

Non mango carne, uova o lattecini – I don’t eat meat, eggs or diary products

Si – yes

No – no

If you have any questions regarding Milan or rest of the Italy, please ask in the comments and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Love from Katia

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