Bowl Market Copenhagen

As I mentioned on my Instagram: lazy and cosy Sundays should be spend at Bowl Market Copenhagen. This little vegan-friendly breakfast joint offers tasty bowls of porridge and Acaí and is located at Gasværksvej, in one of the most vibrant areas of Copenhagen, Vesterbro – just 10 minuts walk from Copenhagen Central Station.

The menu is simple: you choose a base, flavour and add toppings in the end. I got myself a chia seed base with blueberry lemon explosion flavour and some nuts as topping. Damn it was good!! I loved the balance between the sour lemon and the sweet blueberries! As I was there, I needed to try their Acaí bowls as well. I choose a ‘superfood’ bowl topped with goji-berries, coconut flakes, bananas and chia seeds. I was full! The portions are big enough to get you satisfied and I only choose two meals because I couldn’t decide which one to try. I’ll definitely recommend you to try their porridge. You can add teas, coffee and juices to your bowls. The coffee is organic and they serve Oatlys oat and almond milk.

The service is outstanding and one of the girls who worked there gave me some really good recommendations to eating in Budapest. She also mentioned that Bowl Market had plans to open a breakfast bar number two. I cross my fingers! So if you’re in Copenhagen and you want to have a healthy and tasteful breakfast, then make sure to visit Bowl Market Copenhagen.


26655243_10212829496145461_33215225_oAcaí bowl with goji-berries, coconut flakes, chia seeds & bananas

26653558_10212829325021183_366098668_oBlueberry & lemon explosion porridge with almonds, pecans and chia seeds 


Location: Gasværksvej 3, København V 

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